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Now you need not to wait for months for mortgage loan as there is another way to get mortgage loan by taking delayed financing mortgage loan. You pay cash to buy home at closing and then We, Ainsworth financial mortgage corporation will provide you money quickly by delayed financing loan at low interest rate and nominal fees. Such financing is helping real estate investors to buy homes in foreclosure and purchaser has to close it in a very short period of time. Since you pay cash you got good chance to get home at lower price and the delayed financing mortgage provide you money and you get your cash out. In the housing crisis scenario it may be a golden opportunity to buy another home at steep discount. We at Ainsworth financial mortgage corporation guide you in a best way to get delayed financing according to your needs.

Our consistent advice and help will remove your difficulties such as documentation, credit scores and many others and will make delayed financing loan easy and hassle free. We are committed to provide you the best possible solution with free consultation. Delayed financing is like cash-out refinancing but here you need not to wait for few months, you can get the cash immediately after closing the deal as per the new amendments. The prerequisite to obtain delayed financing is minimum 640 Min Fico Score. Fico scores represent your credit scores.  (Fico stands for Fair Issac Company).

  Listed below are some of advantages of delayed financing mortgage loan:

  • Get Tax benefits.
  • Investment opportunity to get higher return by buying another home.
  • Improve Liquidity – Cash out can be used for other purposes depending upon agreement.
  • Low interest rate on delayed financing mortgage would be beneficial for every borrower.


To get delayed financing you need to provide us:

  • Credit scores and credit history.
  • Description of property.
  • Statement of income.
  • 640 Min Fico Score.

I had a great experience with Ainsworth Financial Mortgage Corporation. Their team was in complete control and provided me with regular and consistant updates. The rate and fees presented at closing were exactly as agreed - no surprises!

Trevor S. - Ontario, CA

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